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Our Process

Our process leads to top-class software, but not only because of the code we write. We are a strategic partner first, consulting with our clients to understand their goals and advising them on the path forward. We then use our 16+ years of experience in building technology to get the job done.

We focus on business challenges, not feature sets

1. Define Success

We work together to define what success means for your business, and define the KPI that our efforts will be measured against.

2. Spark Insight

There are lots of actions we can take, but effective action is about having focus. We take the time to find our north star.

3. Make a plan

Great ideas and ambitious goals are only as good as the plans to make them happen. We determine the milestones and resources required to succeed.

4. Execute Efficiently

Once the board is set, it's time to move the pieces. We dedicate the right team at the right size, with top development, design, and management talent.

5. Evaluate and Iterate

We evaluate our actions, and provide recommendations for what's next.